Outdoor Cedar Slat Planters

Hello America! Now that we all have survived Election Day and are going about our day to day lives once again, I figured it would be a great time to lighten the mood with a good hands-on DIY project! I was flipping through my Pinterest boards and saw a tutorial that I just had to try.

My front porch/stoop/slab/dance floor was seriously lacking curb appeal. I did a TON of landscaping in front of my house this past summer, but I hadn’t yet done anything about my front door area. I saw a wood planter that Remodelandocasa created and decided it would be just perfect for my front door area. 

I ended up making 2 out of pine 1×4’s for the slats and it ended up costing around $11 per planter, plus stain and sealer, plus time to let it dry. I really liked those ones and they were nice and heavy. However, they were a bit more rectangular than what I wanted. I was hoping for a square style.

So I made 2 more. But, this time I made them more square and I used cedar fence pickets instead of 1×4’s for the slats. This lowered the cost to nearly $6 per planter and I didn’t have to apply any stain or sealer!

Be sure to check out the complete tutorial at Remodelandocasa and tell me what you think of my version below!


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