Washer & Dryer Pedestal and Surround

I’m so excited to be posting my first blog post! The credit goes to a few of my girlfriends for giving me the extra push to just go for it, and my husband who, despite rolling his eyes every time I tell him I’m planning my next project, is totally supportive of my crazy hobby.  Did I mention I love woodworking?

We’ve been building our house and I’ve got so many projects to show you in retrospect, but let’s just start with what I’m currently working on. LAUNDRY.

It seems to be the bane of my existence (along with dirty dishes, OMG 👎🏻) and it is only exacerbated by the fact that I had this “great” idea to combine our mudroom, laundry room, mechanical room, AND office into one, 8′ x 15′ room.  What the hell was I thinking? Obviously we had run out of Moscato and coffee….

Fast forward to today’s post.  I needed to figure out what to do with the washer and dryer.  I definitely knew I wanted the washer and dryer to be completely built in.  After searching through every photo on Pinterest, Google, and Houzz, I noticed how built-in cabinetry made the space look custom and much more expensive than not. 

This project was super easy and is a great beginner project!  I’ll be posting a “how to” on this project soon, so stay tuned!  What do you think? Does your laundry room need a pedestal?


One thought on “Washer & Dryer Pedestal and Surround

  1. Megan Williams says:

    Hi! I love the look of this whole project – bravo! I think this beginner could take this on. Where can I find the how-to for this pedestal built-in?


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